12th Annual RCIA Halloween Hayride – 10-31-2017

12th Annual  River Crossing Trick-or-Treat Hayride


On Halloween night (Tuesday, Oct 31) River Crossing will have its Twelfth Annual Trick-or-Treat Hayride for neighborhood residents!  The kids will ride up Colorado Drive, stopping at street-side stations along the way.  This is an easier way for the trick-or-treaters to cover our large neighborhood, and a great way to see all the neighborhood kids in their costumes.

Treat Provider Residents

To simplify the logistics, we’re going to take the kids up and down Colorado Drive only.  We will bring at least three loads of kids through, starting at the back of the subdivision (on Colorado Bluff, by the river).  Everyone is asked to set up stations at the street on Colorado Drive.

  • Section I (front 2/3 of the subdivision) – be at the street by 6:00 pm
  • Section II (back 1/3 of the subdivision) – be at the street by 5:45 pm
  • Bring lawn chairs, flashlights, and “treats” for the kids (adult treats optional J)!

Trick-or Treater Residents

Dress up in your costume; grab your bag, bucket, or pillowcase and head to the north end of Colorado Drive (at the back of the subdivision near the river).  You can park along Colorado Bluff, or turn left on Colorado Bluff and park along the street and cul-de-sac on the west end of Colorado Bluff.  There will be people directing car and foot traffic.

You will ride on a trailer, pulled by a truck or tractor, which will stop wherever “Treat Providers” are located along Colorado Drive.  Group stops (where neighbors have gathered) will be approximately 5 minutes to allow you to cover both sides of the street.  Single stops (one house) will stop the trailer and bring the candy around for the kids.  We expect the round-trip to take about 1¼ hours.

The first trailer begins loading at 5:45pm, with a departure of 6:00pm. (return ~7:15pm)

The second trailer begins loading at 6:00pm, with a departure of 6:15pm. (return ~7:30pm)

The last trailer begins loading at 6:15pm, with a departure of 6:30pm. (return ~7:45pm)

Please complete the enclosed registration form and return to by Thursday, October 26.  Take a pic with your smartphone (or scan it) and email to kjohnson85cc@gmail.com or drop it off at 496 Colorado Drive.  There will be a plastic box by the mailbox.  Blank forms will be inside also, if needed.  We want to make sure we have room for everyone.

Info for parents:  We will have at least one adult on each trailer responsible for assisting children on & off, watching traffic, and handling any issues that may arise.  We’ll also have someone “on call” with a vehicle in case there is a need.  There will be a count at each stop to ensure we have everyone.  The tractors will stop on the way toward the entrance to the subdivision for “treats”.  The return trip down Colorado Drive will be direct.  Unless they are with an adult, all children must return to the origination point.

Sunset is at 6:44 p.m. on Oct. 31st.  We hope you will participate in what is a great River Crossing event!  If you have questions, please contact Kristin Johnson at 713-805-5612.

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